Product Journey

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YOU have an idea for an innovative product that you think could bring value to people or address a gap in the marketplace but have no idea how to validate or pursue it.

WE have experience validating new product ideas through using our expertise and software to analyze the marketplace. We can make recommendations for improvements on your initial idea, price point, potential sales volume etc.

YOU know you have a great product idea that’s already been validated but don’t know how to manufacture it. Maybe your idea is something highly customized and patent-pending. Maybe it’s a tweak of an already existing product in the market.

WE have boots on the ground in China and experience working with dozens of factories and can help connect you to the right people to bring your idea to life.

YOU have a great product idea, know how to get it manufactured but are struggling with the financials required to bring it to life.

WE have experience with crowdfunding campaigns and Kickstarter and can help make recommendations and give strategic counsel on putting together a successful campaign.

YOU have an innovative product that’s already in existence and is being well received. You’ve sold successfully on your own website, B2B, at farmer’s markets, on Kickstarter or through other platforms, but know the place to be is on You’re struggling to know where to start with selling on Amazon or on already selling on the marketplace but aren’t doing it successfully.

WE have sold tens of millions of dollars worth of product through We transitioned our own customized, patent-pending product from Kickstarter to Amazon with explosive sales results and know the ins and outs of making a winning Amazon listing combined with successful execution on the backend that has us consistently out performing other experience sellers.

YOU are running a successful and growing business but are struggling to grow due to a lack of processes and systems. You might have employees but you manage or use them inefficiently and have no formal training process of them or set of systems for them to follow. You’re still getting sucked into day to day operations which is limiting your ability to grow the business

WE have experience hiring and managing employees from virtual assistants to full-time managers and have developed a suite of systems and processes that can be applied to any Amazon business looking to streamline things.