About Us

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If you have an innovative product (or an idea for one) and are looking to take your product to the next level you’re in the right place.

No matter where you’re at on the product development timeline, we’ve seen it all, done it all and are truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs create sustainable online sales for innovative products.

We’re not consultants. We’re not ex-Amazon employees who have never actually sold on the marketplace. And we’re not “get rich quick online” gurus looking to make a quick dollar by selling generic advice. We’ve sold over $10 million on Amazon ourselves and have perfected the stages of identifying, sourcing, funding and launching a product.

Our expertise in launching products on Amazon or transitioning a product from a crowdfunding platform to sustainable Amazon sales is what sets us apart. We’ve done it ourselves for our own businesses and have unparalleled insight into the Amazon machine that we’ve applied to accelerate product sales and business growth.

We were the first brand to Livestream on Amazon.com, we’ve had the privilege of briefing Congress on third party selling on Amazon and have been able to beta test dozens of new marketing tactics and tools being released by Amazon on a regular basis.

In short: we get Amazon and want to help your business crack the code to booming, sustainable sales on the Amazon marketplace as well.

We’re only interested in working with brands who:

  • See the value of selling on Amazon
  • Have an innovative product (or products)
  • Have a good quality product
  • Are looking for a long term relationship not a quick-fix solution
  • Want to establish or grow their footprint on Amazon and keep up with competition
  • Want sustainable and profitable sales on Amazon
  • Know what they’re doing on Amazon but need help scaling up and implementing processes and systems

If you fit one or all of the above criteria shoot us a note on our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you!