Top 5 Steps to Successfully sell your Crowdfunded Product on Amazon

Top 5 Steps to Successfully sell your Crowdfunded Product on Amazon

Having a successful crowdfunding campaign is exhilarating–you actually hit your goal, and now your product idea will be brought to life!

However, once the initial excitement fades and all your backers receive their products, reality sets in: what next? Was it just a one-off product launch, or can you make it into a sustainable business, garnering consistent sales?

I’ve seen many Kickstarter campaigns raise a lot of money, only to shut down after the campaign since they couldn’t generate consistent sales. There are MANY ways to get continued sales online, but many are difficult to set up and run profitably.


I’m a huge fan of the 80/20 principle: 20% of efforts yield 80% of results.


With that in mind, is the best place to launch a recently crowdfunded product. It takes less work than setting up your own ecommerce store and paid traffic, since they bring you thousands of customers ready to buy! You just need to take the right steps.

Below are the Top 5 steps we took in transitioning the TerraMat from raising $100k+ on Kickstarter, to doing almost $100k each month on Amazon!

1) Take advantage of all the traffic from your crowdfunding campaign!

When your crowdfunding campaign ends, chances are you’ll have a lot of traffic still visiting your Kickstarter or Indiegogo page (from press links, ranking in Google, etc). Make sure to send all that traffic somewhere!

We sent ours to our company website, and decided to send them to our Amazon listing after getting their email address in exchange for a coupon.

Why send them to Amazon? The more traffic you can drive to your Amazon listing from outside sources, the higher Amazon will rank you for organic keywords, which brings in even more traffic.

Sure, you could just drive the crowdfunding traffic to your website and sell to them their, but by sending to Amazon you get an amplified effect, almost like visitor matching: the more visitors you bring Amazon, the more they’ll bring you.

2) Ensure Your Amazon Images are fully Optimized

The 80/20 of Amazon listings are the images. You need to convey in one of the first images that this was a successful crowdfunding campaign: that provides massive social proof for any visitors to the page!

Since this is likely an innovative product, you need to make sure your other images clearly explain why this product is awesome, and how it stands out from other products!

Check out our TerraMat Amazon listing for an example of how we did this with our images.

A related caveat to this is to upload your campaign video to your listing, and then call attention to the campaign video in one of your images.

3) Get Amazon Reviews from your Backers

Doing a crowdfunding campaign gives you an incredible advantage because you have hundreds or thousands of initial, eager customers! Many of them will be very loyal to you, and happy to share feedback.

Ask these crowdfunding backers to leave you an Amazon review after they’ve received your product. You’ll find that many of them will.

Why is this a game changer? If you can get many reviews on an Amazon listing, it helps greatly increase social proof, which increases your product’s conversion and increases sales.

With the TerraMat, we were able to get 50 reviews very quickly from our backers, which helped us start generating sales almost immediately.

4) Get your product ranking for organic keywords as quickly as possible

With great images and reviews, your Amazon listing will likely convert very well! Sadly, that doesn’t matter if you can’t get consistent traffic to the listing.

How do you do that? Well, pointing your Kickstarter traffic to the listing will help. But, you need to have an effective keyword and ranking strategy in place to take advantage of Amazon’s internal traffic. You need to:

  • Know what keywords are most important to your product, and track your rank for them
  • Ensure your listing has all the important keywords embedded (Amazon SEO)
  • Running product promotions and blasts that target your most important keywords, to improve their rank.

5) Follow Other Best Practices for success on Amazon

Too detailed to go over in this post, but I see a lot of awesome products fail on Amazon due to not doing the marketing right! It’s easy to list a product on Amazon, it’s hard to know all the right steps/strategies for having your listing fully optimized, and getting it ranked for important keywords. Some strategies I implement have taken me 2+ years to fully develop.

Steps to take include:

  • Keyword rankings steps above
  • Ensuring you have review follow-up sequences in place
  • Having an effective Pay-Per-Click strategy in place to drive more paid traffic within Amazon
  • Having excellent copy on your listing

I’ll probably do another post where I go over these steps in more detail (let me know in the comments if there are any areas you’d like to see me specifically cover!)

Well there you have it, the top 5 steps to successfully transition a crowdfunded product to Amazon!

While this is a simple outline of the steps required, there are a lot of nuances involved, and I’m relying on my experience of selling on Amazon for over 2 years (with over $6M in sales!) Feel free to message me at if you’d like to talk about your specific product.

Additional Note: There are some innovative products that aren’t a great fit for Kickstarter–these are usually products that are more discoverability driven and don’t exist yet–ie there isn’t a major keyword search term associated with the product.


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